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C2G 2M Pro Series HD15 M/M Monitor Cable


  • Pro Series UXGA monitor cables from Cables To Go ensure crisp, distortion free video for maximum monitor positioning flexibility.
  • Premium VGA monitor cables are ideal for video presentations, classroom environments, POS, server rooms, or just for organising your work area for maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Constructed from premium grade composite coaxial and twisted pair shielded cables, this ultra-premium monitor cable ensures crisp, distortion-free video so you have maximum monitor positioning flexibility.
It uses three internal coax lines for red, green and blue. Ferreted to protect against EMI/RFI interference, this double-shielded cable consists of 125% foil shielding and 90% tinned copper braid shielding.
Can be used for video projectors, video splitters, KVM switches within video presentations, classroom environments, POS devices, server rooms, etc.