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Computer Repair

Gendrot Web Solutions offers meticulous diagnostic and troubleshooting computer repair services for your personal or business computer needs. We have extensive knowledge and experience to resolve a wide range of computer problems and a growing number of satisfied clients.

You can either bring your computer to us or a visit to your home or office can be arranged if you are based within a 15 mile radius of Boston, this includes Kirton Holme, Kirton, Donington, Spalding, Sleaford, Holbeach, Old Leake, Coningsby, Fishtoft, Frithville, and Sibsey.

Our most common computer repair services

Computer Upgrades

We can advise on the best options available to upgrade your system and supply a wide range of computer parts at a competitive price.

Custom Built Computers

We can build you a custom computer to your specifications, whether you want a computer to browse the web, compose documents and send emails or an entry level to high performance Gaming PC we can advise you on the best options available and professionally build it for you.

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

We can perform free diagnostics to investigate computer problems before providing you with a solution and quote for a repair.

Computer Servicing

We use Computer Health Checks to improve the performance of your computer, some of the areas that we check include looking for driver related issues, system corruptions, determining if there are any viruses or malware on a system and removing them and if required we also give the computer an internal clean to remove dust which improves air flow inside the computer and also reapply thermal compound.

Replacement of Faulty Hard Drives

If your computer’s performance is slow this may be the result of a faulty hard drive. We can quickly investigate it this is the problem and provide you with a quote for a replacement and re installation of the operating system.

Laptop Screen Repair

If you have a broken laptop screen we can supply a replacement. We are usually able to get replacement screens within one to three working days.