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I understand the detrimental effects that technical issues can have on your computer. That’s why I offer a range of computer repair services to keep your devices running smoothly and efficiently.

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I am an experienced and skilled meticulous technician. I have qualifications from CISCO, specifically IT Essentials and over 14-years practical experience.

I can troubleshoot a wide range of hardware and software technical issues. I always go the extra mile to resolve computer issues for my clients.

Contact me on 07883 283985 to arrange a computer repair appointment. You can either bring your computer to me or request a visit to your home or office. If you are around a 25-mile radius from Kirton Holme, near Boston Lincolnshire.

Computer Repair Services Frequently Requested

PC & Laptop Repair and Troubleshooting

If you have a problem with your computer I can investigate and diagnose the issue to provide a repair quote.

I can service most brands of laptops and PC, including Apple Macs and MacBooks.

PC & Laptop Maintenance – Health Check

A computer service can improve the performance of your computer. I can inspect and tune up your PC to ensure it is running efficiently.

Some areas checked include:

  • Testing your computer hardware for faults.
  • Looking for outdated or missing drivers
  • Ensuring your computer has the latest updates and software
  • Inspecting disk drive S.M.A.R.T status to determine drive health
  • and disabling un-needed programs running in the background.

To help your computer run at its best general cleaning can be performed, if needed. By opening your computer to remove any dust inside and re-applying thermal compound.

Custom-built Desktop PCs & Computer Upgrades

Whether you need a computer to browse the web or an entry-level to high-performance gaming PC. I can suggest the best options available and professionally build a Desktop PC for you.

I can tell you the best options that are available for your budget to upgrade an existing computer. Supply and install a wide range of computer parts at a competitive price.

Charging or Power Issues

I can diagnose and fix your laptop charging issues swiftly and effectively. Usually a charging issue may be due to a faulty charger, a damaged port, or your laptop battery.

If your PC does not turn on, it may be due to your power supply. I can test your existing power supply and if needed supply and install a replacement.

Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal

If your computer’s performance feels slow or it is acting strangely it might be infected with a virus. I can scan your system to identify any malicious software and remove it to make your computer secure.

New and Refurbished Computers

I can provide laptops or desktop PCs to suit your budget. Please contact me for a friendly conversation to discuss your needs and I can tell you what is available.

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